Need Health Insurance? 5 Ways a Broker Can Help

Need Health Insurance? 5 Ways a Broker Can Help

Authored by Bukaty Companies on November 13, 2014

You need individual health insurance, but not the long wait times.

You need guidance about affordable health insurance plans. You need answers to your questions. You might need a health insurance broker. Using a broker doesn’t cost you, and it can make the process easier.

Five services health insurance brokers offer:

1. More health insurance plans
If you won’t qualify for a subsidy, a Health Insurance Marketplace plan ( might not be your best choice. A broker has access to all the major health insurance carriers, so you have a more options when it comes to decisions such as preferred doctors and networks.

2. Health quotes in minutes
With a few questions, a broker can estimate your monthly insurance premium costs and determine whether you’ll qualify for a subsidy.

3. Professional advice
A licensed health insurance broker can advise you on which to plan to choose. Navigators and government workers can’t. The broker works as an advocate on your behalf to ensure that you get a plan that fits your individual needs, and that you know how to use it.

4. One-stop shopping
You’re busy, so why make another call? A broker can help you review dental, vision and voluntary product options, such as short-term disability, while you’re enrolling.

5. Ongoing customer services
Health insurance carriers often have lengthy waiting times. Your health insurance broker is familiar with you and your plan and can often answer your questions on the spot. If not, brokers have direct access to the carrier and will call for you to get an answer quickly.

Make sure your broker is licensed in your state, has a good reputation, and is certified to sell in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

I know a good one in Kansas and Missouri.

The 2015 health insurance open enrollment period runs from Saturday, November 15, 2014, through Sunday, February 15, 2015. Call 913-333-3389, or 1-855-750-9441, and tell them I sent you.

To your health!

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