Weed Out Bad Hires

Weed Out Bad Hires

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The consequences of making even one bad hiring decision can be tremendously costly to your company’s bottom line. Theft, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and fraudulent or exaggerated workers’ compensation claims create management distraction and increase operating expenses.

One of the most effective pre-employment testing tools you can use is an integrity test, often referred to as “entitlement testing.” A well-designed test can reduce your workers’ compensation loss rates by as much as 60% and unemployment expense payouts by up to 30%.

Integrity testing gives employers reliable data and deep insight into the behavior and attitudes of job candidates on important tasks such as substance abuse, hostility, personal integrity and entitlement mentality.

Knowing who you can hire can pay big dividends in the form of better qualified new hires that are better performing employees who produce fewer headaches for your managers.

The pre-employment diligence helps:

  • Reduce Workplace Bullying
  • Improve your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduce employee theft Reduced employee turnover
  • Reduce Disciplinary Actions
  • Reduce negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer unemployment insurance claims
  • Reduction in Non-Occupational Disability Losses
  • Reduction in FMLA Utilization
  • Improved Auto Liability Expenses
  • Reduce your Experience Modification Rate (E-Mod)

Could you benefit from a pre-employment test? If I can help you change your employment statistics, and reduce your headaches, please reach out.

Dan Bukaty, President
Property & Casualty