Your employee benefits plan is one of your greatest operating expenses, yet studies show that more than half of U.S. employees are unclear as to what benefits they have and how they work. One way to increase understanding and the value of your benefits program is to communicate. Sound too simple? When it’s done right, communication should be simple. Working with our team of communication specialists ensures your employees receive clear, effective messages that help build a better understanding and appreciation of your benefit program.  

The art of communication

Before we build a strategic benefit communication plan, we start by listening. We take time to learn about existing communication channels within your organization. We build a profile of your employee population to help determine the most effective way to deliver your message.

Our communication plans are customized to reflect the uniqueness of your organization. Different communication methods are needed for employees who work traditional hours, remotely, after-hours, or offsite. The result: targeted communications and an improved employee benefits experience.

Your brand not ours

We respect that your company has its own brand standards and style. If available, we request a copy of your brand guide at the start of the planning process. Our graphic design team creates all materials that are consistent with your brand colors, typeface and logo usage. We’ll adapt our writing style to reflect your brand of internal communication writing. For example, some companies prefer to use terms such as team members or associates rather than employees in written communications. When your message is culturally authentic, it’s better received. Before any project is sent to print, your internal team will have an opportunity to review all drafts and approve final copy.

Available communication services

  • enrollment kits
  • brochures
  • videos
  • infographics
  • focus groups
  • employee surveys
  • roundtable sessions
  • online benefit portal
  • social media