Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing

Having to manage and reconcile premiums from multiple carriers has become commonplace for employers offering insurance to their employees. While providing your employees with a wide range of benefit options may greatly improve the value of your plan to your employees, the additional administration required to audit carrier statements for accuracy and paying multiple carriers can be daunting. This is where our Consolidated Billing solution can help. 

How we can help

  • Eliminate premium payments from multiple carriers. 
  • Allow us to monitor your carrier bills for accuracy. 
  • No additional billing challenges when you expand your benefit lineup.
    • No longer need to limit employee benefits.
  • Let us reconcile your carrier bills and avoid overpayment of premiums. 
  • We will consolidate all carrier premiums.
  • Submit one payment for all of your carriers.

How it works

  • We receive initial and ongoing group enrollment information from your ben admin system.
  • We'll pull the monthly statements from each carrier and audit carrier bills using our proprietary software.
  • You will receive a single bill for all carriers along with a detailed report that includes all enrolled employees, their benefits elections, and individual premium amounts.
  • We will initiate one ACH debit for the total amount due to all carriers.
  • We will remit a payment in the amount due to each carrier.