Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting

Today’s legislative and regulatory environments have created additional burdens for businesses. The myriad reporting and compliance requirements create distractions and can be confusing. 

Our human resource professionals have the experience and expertise you need to help manage one of your greatest business assets. Whether you need occasional advice or onsite resources, we can provide a customized solution for your business. Our consultants possess a depth of expertise gained through years of working directly with various industries across a broad employer spectrum.  

Two major components of our HR solutions include

     1.  Value-added “Just Ask. Help Desk”
     2.  Comprehensive HR management and consulting services

Value-added “Just Ask. Help Desk”

Clients can readily access a senior human resource professional through the Help Desk at no cost. We can assist you with:

  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Performance issues
  • COBRA/state continuation
  • ERISA compliance
  • Form I-9

In addition, clients receive access to up-to-date benefit and human resource information through our various communication channels including Benefit Bulletins, Carrier Notices, Health Care Reform Bulletins, newsletters and in-house seminars/webinar.

Comprehensive HR management and consulting 

Bukaty Companies also provides comprehensive consulting services that address a wide-array of human resource needs. All services are customized to assist you in aligning HR strategy with business needs. Bukaty Companies allows our clients the flexibility to select the service method that provides maximum value: retained services, project-based fees or hourly rates.

By utilizing Bukaty Companies skilled human resource professionals, clients have access to dedicated, highly experienced consultants - without the burden of fringe benefit costs. 

Major areas of concentration include:

  • Comprehensive HR assessment
  • Management & employee training
  • Strategic HR management
  • Employee relations management
  • Job analysis & descriptions
  • Recruitment & hiring
  • Discipline & documentation
  • Employee Benefit Statements
  • New hire orientation process and forms
  • Performance management
  • Benefit coordination
  • Policies & procedures
  • Employee retention
  • Employee handbook development
  • HR general compliance
  • Unemployment