How do you experience expertise?

Allan, human resources director || Distilling & Importing- 165 employess

February 2017

“As always, your team outdid themselves on our renewal. They do such a great job for us and are such a pleasure to work with throughout the year. Bukaty Companies is the epitome of value added services. Thanks again for all that you and your team do.”

Eyvonne, office manager || Emergency Services Provider- 120 employees

October 2016

"Our 1095-C Forms have officially been filed. Thank you again for all of your assistance! I greatly appreciate how prompt you’ve been at answering my questions and resolving the issues that arose in the process. I would not have wanted to tackle this reporting alone; you saved me an immeasurable amount of time and effort."


Jack, president & CEO || Engineering- 15 employees

March 2016

“I am sending this personal note so you will know firsthand from a client, what an extraordinary level of service and expertise both my associates and I have received from Bukaty Companies. Over the last several years you have unfailingly guided us through the maze of timelines, policy offerings, terms and conditions, educating and explaining to us all the way, the detail required for me to provide our associates with the best policy. We are a very small company, but Bukaty has always provided top-level service, which makes us feel like we are big. We moved to Bukaty a few years ago and are pleased we did so."

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