How do you experience expertise?

Nancy, Human Resources || University - 250 employees

“Our Bukaty representatives have been very proactive and quite helpful. I will say that our last annual enrollment was a challenge, but our agents worked very hard with the carrier and we came in right on budget. It was a very low budgeted increase for last year, so they really put in the effort to meet that challenge. I have absolutely no regrets in moving to Bukaty.”

Barbra, Human Resources || University - 300 employees

“This is my second opportunity to work with Bukaty and each time I’ve been quite pleased with their services. What’s been most impressive is their hands-on, personable service approach, high level engagement and response time. They’ve been a great partner by advocating and resolving any related challenges or issues that we or our employees have experienced with our carriers. They’ve also been a tremendous support in helping us identify new, cost-effective benefit solutions and negotiate and better manage our existing benefit renewals, which has greatly contributed towards our success in maintaining affordable and competitive employee benefits.”

Traci, Human Resources || Janitorial Services Provider - 90 employees

“Hey guys, thanks!  You are on the job!  I really appreciate the quick response and confirmation of action completed.  I’ve been happy to relate these successful interactions with your team to Sharon and our Director. Change can be daunting when you’ve been in business and successful doing things a certain way for 50 years.”

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