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Kelly, Director of Human Resources/Training || Financial Institution - 79 employees

“As a one person HR department serving 7 locations and 79 people and their families, open enrollment and insurance issues in general can be stressful at times. Working with Bukaty continues to be the easiest open enrollment and provider changes I have experienced and our consultant and his team are a part of what makes Bukaty such a great company to work with over the years. I am happy to recommend Bukaty and key staff members on your team to my HR professional circle at the monthly SHRM trainings and meetings, as well as to other financial institutions in our industry.“

Todd, controller || Wholesale Distributor - 40 employees

October 2017

“Customer service was a big part of the appeal of Bukaty Companies, and your team has been fantastic. A special thanks to everyone for your support.”

Allan, Human Resources Director || Distilling & Importing - 165 employees

February 2017

“As always, your team outdid themselves on our renewal. They do such a great job for us and are such a pleasure to work with throughout the year. Bukaty Companies is the epitome of value added services. Thanks again for all that you and your team do.”

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