Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Aside from staff expenses, your employee benefit costs are generally one of your highest operating expenses through the year. We believe this investment should be evaluated and managed with the same degree of care and expertise as other aspects of your business.

Your benefit plan should be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our benefits consultants take into consideration your size, location, employee demographics, and financial objectives when developing a long-term strategic program. Effective communication, creative plan design and targeted wellness initiatives are all integral parts of a successful benefits plan.

We work with small and large group accounts, providing the expertise and skills needed to address your business' unique concerns.

Our large-group consulting efforts focus on

  • three-to-five year strategic planning,
  • actuarial analysis,
  • comprehensive reporting,
  • contribution strategies,
  • PBM analysis,
  • network disruption.
  • wellness, and 
  • ERISA compliance.

We represent national and regional carriers to ensure you receive the best product at the best price. Our comprehensive benefit solutions include