HR Placement

HR Placement

An HR professional can be placed inside your organzation, which eliminates extra HR responsibilities from your plate. This exention of your team can be a short-term fix or a long-term parternship, but we leave that up to you. Our HR consultants can create, manage or maintain your company's HR infrastructure, no matter how big or small the department. 

Focus on your business

Our consultants can help create and sustain your HR infrastructure. Each consultant we place is experienced and has a strong human resource background. Working alongside your employees, they will gain cultural knowledge that helps detect issues or behaviors that put your company at risk.

For businesses with little to no HR infrastructure, your onsite consultant can design compliant policies and procedures suitable for your company culture. Developing infrastructure includes file organization, compliance audits, training needs, leadership restructuring and much more. Our consultants are self-starters who can guide you and your business, or take direction, as needed.

They will use their expertise to evaluate current practices and collaborate with you to adjust processes where necessary. Filling this HR need allows your company to stay on track and focus on your business services.

Flexibility you can count on

Having an onsite consultant as your company grows can avoid poor recordkeeping habits or unexpected non-compliance fees. With our flexible service model, your consultant is available as often as you need and will serve as either the sole HR staff member or as a helping hand in your HR department. A temporary consultant can be a transitional or retained figure, assisting or running the department on a part-time basis indefinitely or until a full-time HR professional is hired.

Our consultants are experienced and highly trained HR professionals who are ready to help. For more information on this service, call 913.345.0440 and ask to speak to a member of our HR consulting team.