Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

If your employees aren’t happy, the return on your benefits investment is lost. Our processes ensure employees have the knowledge and support that yields employee satisfaction. 

We help manage the employee life cycle – from hire to retire. It starts with a customized communication strategy that recognizes the unique demographics of your employees and culture. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our messaging and recommended communication channels are designed with your company needs in mind.

To ensure a return on your benefit investment, we dedicate considerable time and resources to educate your employees on their benefit options and plan components. We offer service and support throughout the year to help your employees and family members access the care they need. When your employees understand how to access their benefits and have points of contact to direct questions, they appreciate the real value of their benefits.

  • Employee surveys – Employee input provides a better understanding of what elements of their benefit plans they value and want to preserve.
  • Customized benefit booklets – Digital and print versions of your benefits provide a summary of deductible, copays and covered services, as well as plan-based disclosure notices.
  • Benefit fairs – Employees can speak face to face with Bukaty account managers and carrier representatives in a fun, relaxed setting. Our team does all event planning and preparation.
  • Onsite open enrollment meetings – We’ll be onsite to conduct open enrollment meetings in a group setting or schedule one-on-one appointments.
  • Enrollment videosFor new hires, spouses and those who missed onsite meetings, a video recording of your benefits plan can be accessed anytime.
  • User-friendly online enrollment tool Our easy-to-use online enrollment tool is a year-round resource that employees can access to confirm benefit elections, monthly costs, copays, etc. Plus, important employer and compliance information can be uploaded allowing the site to serve as an HRIS system.
  • Text/mobile messaging – We can send important open enrollment reminders, wellness plan information and other relevant messages to cell phones. 

We go above and beyond for our clients, always thinking of innovative capabilities we can provide to streamlime your benefits experience.

Bukaty's online enrollment tool houses all enrollment data in a single, secure system and provides an instant snapshot of the enrollment status for all employees. More than 50 ready-built reports allow managers to quickly and easily pull data on members and beneficiaries, enrollment costs, waivers, COBRA participants, and more. With both a human resource and employee portals, benefit administration and management are made more efficient and accurate. 

Our in-house benefits app, Swipe, was developed because our 30 years' of experience has shown employee satisfaction increases when employees and their family members know how to access their plan information and secure care easily. With this progressive capability employees can complete a wide variety of tasks, all with a simple tap on their phone. 

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