Project Work

Project Work

Handling time-consuming, big picture projects can be difficult for HR professionals bogged down with day-to-day tasks. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our HR Consulting division manages large-scope projects and can complete a project from start to finish or tackle a specific task. There’s never any surprises when you work with our team. Before we start a project, we’ll provide a scope-of-work summary and outline any fees.

Start with a checkup

Even the most experienced HR teams might not have time to assess whether current practices and policies meet regulatory requirements. Our HR review analyzes more than 30 human resource areas to determine what exposures might be lurking. We speak with key members of management and your HR staff before starting an assessment, so we know where to prioritize our efforts. Following our evaluation, you’ll receive a summary that outlines areas for review and improvement.

Employee handbooks

Handbooks are a vital line of communication between you and your employees, but handbooks take time and compliance expertise. We can review your existing handbook or develop one from scratch. To help you out of the starting gate, we offer three seminars per year on employee handbook design.

Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance (FMLA)

The Act’s extensive regulations and paperwork are often difficult to manage. Our consultants can help you complete the paperwork for an FMLA request or consult on the validity of the leave request. We then provide an FMLA checklist, so you never miss steps throughout the process.

Onsite investigations

Conducting internal investigations can be problematic when issues such as harassment, discrimination and bullying interfere with employee relations. Bukaty serves as an unbiased, outside source to investigate issues and concerns fairly. One of our HR consultants will interview the involved parties and witnesses to thoroughly examine the issue. Following a complete review, we make recommendations based on our findings.

Compensation studies

A compensation study, also known as a salary survey, determines if you have a logical and clear pay structure, while ensuring compensation meets market standards. Following our study, we present the results and offer suggestions for developing pay policies and paygrades to avoid pay discrimination. We can also compile data, design and administer total compensation statements, if requested.

Employee surveys and assessments

Feedback tools will help you gain important insights to the innerworkings of your business. We design, administer and analyze surveys and assessments. These tools can determine employee satisfaction, use of benefits, or opportunities for employee training. We can follow up with a focus group and drill down on findings and pinpoint vital details.

Our project work is expansive. If you have inquiries about other project needs, we are flexible and ready to help. For more information or project inquiries, call 913.345.0440 and ask to speak to a member of our HR consulting team.