Developing a quality training and employee development program is important to ensure improved performance within your organization. Most job skills training can be by performed internally by an in-house trainer or an employee who has command of certain job processes. There are subject matters, however, that are best presented by an outside professional. Bukaty Companies offers training and development for organizations of all sizes. Topics and delivery methods are customized to your organization’s needs, policies and work culture. 

Training tailored to your needs

Our training is available for all levels of employment, from entry-level to manager roles and is designed to fit your company’s practices and procedures. Depending on how best to reach your employees, we can provide flexible mediums from onsite presentations to webinars and recorded videos. 

Our training team will collaborate with you to gain insight on potential educational needs. A needs assessment will be issued to employees and those results will highlight the most practical training topics. Based on our assessment, we work with you to develop an effective training program, which we can also execute if needed. Bukaty will not train employees on what we think they need, but rather on what we know they need. 

Training options for everyone

Keeping you current

Training trends and training topics change as cultural norms shift. We continually monitor the HR landscape and are dedicated to keeping our clients informed. For example, our 6 HR Training Trends tip sheet provides ideas on improving training delivery. We also publish regular content on our blog and send out content via email. To subscribe to our email list, click here.

Monthly value-added training opportunities

For HR professionals, we offer free monthly Better Your Business seminars, which provide insight on various HR-related topics. These topics range from employee handbook development or managing challenges of the FMLA to fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace. All our seminars are qualified for Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) credits.

If you have any questions about our training services, please call 913.345.0440 and ask to speak to a member of our HR consulting team.