Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Our solution, InspireHCM, is an easy and efficient way to process payroll. Clients experience an immediate improvement in productivity, and a reduction in manual payroll administrative tasks. Whether you need comprehensive payroll services or limited payroll processing, our solution and technology will fit your needs. In a few simple steps, users can verify check dates, enter data, import time clock files, verify totals and submit payroll. Employers have the option to input payroll via secure web, client server software, phone or fax.

InspireHCM offers multiple employee pay options including: direct deposit, U.S. Bank pay card or check.

Key payroll administration features

  • new-hire wizard,
  • multi-batch functionality,
  • unlimited deductions and earnings,
  • unlimited number of direct deposit accounts,
  • labor distribution,
  • job costing,
  • general ledger automation,
  • automatic fringe calculations,
  • on-demand check calculations,
  • unlimited pay history,
  • electronic payroll reports,
  • On-demand payroll preview
  • 401(k) employee/employer calculations,
  • certified payrolls,
  • union tracking,
  • workers' Compensation calculating and audit report,
  • document storage.
  • pay-as-you-go workers' compensation, and
  • employee portal .

Key reporting features

  • more than 60 standard reports,
  • integrated report writer,
  • fiscal and calendar reporting,
  • ability to sort and filter reports,
  • custom reports, and
  • output formats include: PDF, Excel, Word, CSV and TXT.